The Air Quality Analyses and Forecasting Group (AQAFG) at the NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences (NCAS) conducts research mainly aimed at improving National Weather Service (NWS) air quality forecasts from studies designed to increase our understanding of atmospheric chemical processes and their effects on local, regional, and global scales. Specifically, NCAS research efforts focus on improving physical parameterization schemes for NOAA operational models, forward modeling techniques, and improving chemical data assimilation methodologies. Members of AQAFG have expertise in chemical model development and application, data assimilation, inverse reconstruction modeling, and atmospheric measurements.

Some examples of research areas of the AQAFG include:

  • Improvement of regional air quality forecasts
  • Saharan dust transport and characterization
  • Satellite retrieval development and chemical data assimilation
  • Atmospheric aerosol processes
  • Design and operation of observing systems for air quality monitoring

Members of the AQAFG are active participants in both national and international air quality programs. For more information about the AQAFG, please see the latest annual report of the NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences.


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  • Roy Armstrong, Ph.D.
  • Rosa Fitzgerald, Ph.D.
  • Thomas Gill, Ph.D.
  • Everette Joseph, Ph.D.
  • Xin-Zhong Liang, Ph.D.
  • Heping Liu, Ph.D.
  • Duanjun Lu, Ph.D.
  • Qilong Min, Ph.D.
  • Vernon Morris, Ph.D.
  • William Stockwell, Ph.D.


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  • Improvement of Regional Air Quality Forecasts
  • Saharan Dust Transport and Characterization
  • Urban Zone Air Quality
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