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Mission Statement:

Educational preparation and adaption to environmental change are two essential factors influencing the socio-economic advancement of the economically disadvantaged in the US as well as globally.   “Colour of Weather” (abbreviated as CoWx) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting environmental literacy, diversity and inclusion in scientific and technical endeavors through community service and other activities that provide access to information, knowledge, technical consultation and support, and research.

Colour of Weather seeks to empower underserved communities in the US and in developing countries, through the exchange of information and training on science and environment. An informed population can better assist in the social response, community development, and in the implementation of policies that can improve quality of life with respect to education, and adaptation to a changing local and global environment.

The goals of Colour of Weather are:

  • To promote diversity, and inclusion of underrepresented and underserved populations in atmospheric, environmental, and climate sciences.
  • To promote environmental literacy with emphasis on traditionally underserved and environmentally at-risk communities in the US and in developing countries.
  • To perform international outreach in support of adaptation to climate and environmental changes.

Programmatic activities include:

  • Sponsorship of K-12 experiential science camps in underserved communities.
  • Informal learning workshops and activities
  • Diversity workshops and networking mixers
  • Scientific and environmental consulting
  • Information dissemination to underserved populations
  • Needs-assessments for underserved communities with respect to environmental and natural resource management

CoWx is dedicated to reducing the “opportunity gap” by increasing access to critical information, and encouraging technical competence in future generations.

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