NCAS has created partnerships with several secondary schools in order to directly address the decline in the number of graduating high school students pursuing STEM majors in college. This decline is even more significant in school-aged children from underrepresented groups. This age-group is critical for the development of a strong pipeline of domestic talent for the nation’s future workforce. Specifically NCAS has agreements with local schools:

Washington, DC –
Cleveland Elementary School;
Columbia Heights Education Campus (6th – 12th grade);
and the Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Sciences (MS²);

Jackson, MS – Brandon HS and the Piney Woods Country Life School;

Lajas, Puerto Rico – Alejandro Tapia y Riviera School.

NCAS provides the following:

  • K-12 classroom visits to assist teachers with lessons and experiments relevant to STEM.
  • Consultation with science coordinators to assist with program development, and to liaise with education specialists at the Universities (e.g. Howard University)
  • Encourage and provide professionals (faculty, post-doctoral, and graduate students) for participation in Career Days.
  • Provision of STEM content to assist teachers with curriculum development.