About Outreach Programs

NCAS supports the research and training of over 75 students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty across the six partnering academic institutions and integrates scholarly and scientific activity between STEM disciplines and Education, Communications, Social, and Behavioral Sciences to address 21st century challenges for science, technology and society.


NCAS has created partnerships with several secondary schools in order to directly address the decline in the number of graduating high school students pursuing STEM majors in college.

CAREERS Weather Camps

Channeling Atmospheric Research into Educational Experiences Reaching Students (CAREERS) is a national program. CAREERS consist of a network of summer science camps with a primary focus on Atmospheric/Weather and Climate Sciences for middle school (MS) and high school (HS) students.

Colour of Weather, Inc.

The Colour of Weather reception is an event celebrating diversity of representation in careers and fields of study contributing to the atmospheric sciences.

Community Science Fests

NCAS conducts Community Science Fests in the DC-area, which serve to demonstrate, explain, inspire, and mentor the youth to the wonders of chemical, physical and environmental sciences.

Facility Tours

NCAS will leverage its partnership with NOAA and its current research platforms for engaging students on tours at the various NCAS facilities: Howard University Beltsville Campus, Jackson State University Campus, NCAS Facility at the Isla Magueyes Research Station, and the observational facilities at the University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP).

K-12 Objectives & Activities

The primary goal for the NCAS K-12 activities is to provide mechanisms to retain students’ interests in STEM studies and careers at the transition points during pre-college education.

K-12 Teacher Training & Workshops

All NCAS partners will work with the local public school systems within the jurisdictions of partner institutions, to offer specialized curriculum to enhance teacher preparation in order for students to gain appreciation of the scientific principles involved in applied physical sciences.


NCAS seeks to leverage strengths of successful programs that are operating in the academic institutions and surrounding communities.

UPRM K-12 Student Workshops

NCAS PIs will conduct Workshops to K-12 students of the Puerto Rico public schools system in collaboration UPRM Sea Grant College Program to promote ocean literacy, as well as the sustainable and wise use of marine resources.