Please Investigate the Following Opportunities!

Research Grants
Students specializing in water resources or near-surface geophysics should check out two exciting research grant opportunities: the Horton Research Grant, which funds students in hydrology or water resources, and the GSSI Student Grant, which supports students in near-surface geophysics. Applications for both of these grants are now open.


Digital Communication Analyst
JHT is seeking a science communicator specializing in digital communication for a six month, part-time contract position with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Hollings Marine Laboratory (HML) with a focus on ocean acidification communication via web and social media platforms. Key Tasks include:
Develops, maintains, and edits website content including programmatic descriptions and updates, stories, images and videos for the website…


Atmospheric Sciences Intern
Assist SRNL Atmospheric Technologies Group lead researcher in developing information needed to perform long-term sustainability assessments of SRS operations for various climate change scenarios. Provide support for air quality dispersion modeling analyses to demonstrate compliance with health and safety requirements. Assist with the development and preparation of recurring climatology reports. Develop verification statistics for evaluating ATG mesoscale meteorological forecast model performance.
SRNL has posted an Atmospheric Sciences Internship position. Please follow this link for details: Navigate to “Careers/Opportunities for Students/Apply Now/Search Openings/select “All” and look under entry “2291BR“.