On Saturday, February 25, NCAS Howard University (HU) graduate students and undergraduate students performed science demonstrations at Harmony Public Charter School.  The DC STEM Fest was well-attended by the community; approximately 200 families participated at the event.  HU students and Mr. Miles Holloman, Department of Chemistry Staff, treated the young scientists to atmospheric concepts, demonstrating the excitement of learning!

Some of the concepts included gravity, sound waves, electricity, closed circuits, heat transfer, static electricity, and Ph variation.

Please join NCAS in thanking the following volunteers for their time, effort, and enthusiasm!  Evan Green, Tierra Ellis, Emily Saunders, Cassandra Shivers, Makayla Fails, Alicia Calixte, Dejanae Davis, Danasia Jenkins, Mussie Kebede, Ma’chaia Lamar, Dominique Stevens, and Miles Holloman.