Please join NCAS in congratulating Dr. Megan Payne Lataille on a successful Dissertation Defense!

On Thursday, December 1, 2016, Ms. Megan Lataille defended the dissertation titled, ¬†“Impacts of chemical and physical processes on particle growth events in a semi-urban region during July 2011”.

Members of Dr. Lataille’s Dissertation Committee included:

Dr. William Stockwell, Committee Chair, HU/NCAS, Chemistry

Dr. Everette Joseph, Thesis Advisor, Director ASRC, University at Albany, NY

Dr. Vernon Morris, Committee Member, HU/NCAS/CAMSI, Chemistry

Dr. Ricardo Sakai, Committee Member, HU/NCAS, Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Fangqun Yu, Committee Member, Senior Research Associate at ASRC, University at Albany, NY.

Mr. Jeff McQueen, NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC, NCEP Air Quality Modeling Team Leader, External Advisor

Megan Lataille, PhD currently works at the NOAA National Weather Service’s Sterling Field Support Center, as a Scientist with a contractor in Sterling, VA.

Dr. Lataille will be testing and evaluating different radiosonde instrumentation and sensors for the quality assurance and management team.