The NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences (NCAS) is especially proud of our 18 newly graduated Fellows!

Please join NCAS in Congratulating the Fellows!

 Howard University:

1. Craig Battle, MS, Chemistry
2. Lorenza Cooper, II, PhD, Atmospheric Sciences
3. Sium Gebremarium, PhD, Atmospheric Sciences
4. Valerie Keene, BS, Chemistry, magna cum laude
5. Felisha Lawrence, PhD, Atmospheric Sciences
6. Oluwatosin Olatain, BS, summa cum laude
Mayra Oyola, PhD, Atmospheric Sciences
8. José Tirado – Delgado, PhD, Atmospheric Sciences
9. Kar’retta Venable, PhD, Atmospheric Sciences

Jackson State University:

1. Hope – Ann Longwith, BS, Meteorology
2. Dominique Marshall, BS, Meteorology
3. Kara McCaskill, BS, Meteorology
4. Bryana Ward, BS, Meteorology

University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez:

1. Myrna Santiago, MS, Marine Sciences

University of Texas, El Paso:

1. Miguel Cortez, BS, Physics
2. Robert McAfee, BS, Physics
3. Andrea Montgomery, BS, Physics
4. Roberto Perea, PhD, Environmental Sciences and Engineering