• Howard University

Education: Bachelor degree, University of Puerto Rico at Humacao (UPRH), Computational Mathematics. Master in Natural Science (MNS), Applied Mathematics, Arizona State University (ASU). Currently pursuing, Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences at Howard University (HU).

Research: Radiation Budget / Remote Sensing / Aerosols -Atmospheric Science. Participated in GEST, NASA during the summer 2007. Analysis of Aerosol Properties Derived from MODIS, AERONET, and Shipborne Measurements During AEROSE Field Campaigns under the supervision of Dr. D. A. Chu. Participated in the Trans-Atlantic Saharan Dust Aerosol and Ocean Science Expedition (AEROSE III) campaign during the summer 2007 under the supervision of Dr. V. Morris.

Activities: Founder and former president of the Graduate Student Association for Atmospheric Science (GSAAS) at HU, 2007-2008. Former president of the Association of Mathematics and Computer Science (ASMACC) at UPRH, 1998-1999. Student Senate Representative at UPRH from 1997-1999. Actual Member of AMS, AGU, and SACNAS.