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Dr. Li graduated from department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, State University of New York, Albany, SUNYA, and joined NCAS as a research associate in 2012. His research involves the topics of remote sensing, atmospheric correction, aerosol-cloud-precipitation interaction and air pollution.

During the PhD, Dr. Li’s research was principally related to developing retrieval algorithms for cloud micro- and macro-physical properties combining passive and active measurements. His subsequent research in NCAS has involved long-term observations of aerosol indirect effects in the Mid-Atlantic region, improving representation of aerosol optical properties in radiative transfer models for atmospheric correction and remote sensing of surface PM2.5.

Current Research

His current research includes investigation of aerosol effects on clouds, precipitations and radiation, thin clouds optical properties for atmospheric correction, and remote sensing of aerosol vertical distribution.


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Travel award, ILRC27, 2015
Travel award, ISALaRS15, 2015
American Geophysical Union, Member
American Meteorological Society, Member