• Jackson State University

Within the Department of Physics and Atmospheric Sciences and Geoscience at Jackson State University, Dr. Remata Reddy, Associate Professor of Meteorology, is responsible for teaching a variety of undergraduate courses and for conducting research science past 19 years. He serves as an academic and research advisor and assists in supervision of the student meteorology club. Since 2003 he has been Co-PI for the NCAS JSU component and conducting research on air-sea interactions associated with land-falling tropical cyclone/hurricane activity over the Gulf of Mexico and collaborating with NOAA/NASA scientists. Since NCAS inception, he has been conducting Remote Sensing workshops at JSU. Reddy is PI for grants received from NSF and NASA for educational and research in middle school pipeline to meteorology program and remote sensing/climate studies. Reddy has published papers in the areas of meteorology and climatology. He has participated and presented papers in national and international conferences, professional meetings, and workshops. Dr. Reddy received his B.Sc degree in Physics from Osmania University, India, 1965; M.Sc (Tech) degree in Applied Geophysics from Andhra University, India, 1968; Ph.D degree in Meteorology from University of Poona, India, 1983.