• Howard University

Education: B.S., Mathematics & Computer Sciences with a minor in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus, Master of Science in Atmospheric Sciences, Howard University, 2007. Graduated with the PhD in Atmospheric Sciences at Howard University.

Research: Work involves the modeling of tropical cyclones to better understand the physical processes that governed their formation. Her recent research is part of collaboration with NOAA AOML/HRD and focus on the assessment of the impact of data assimilation in the forecast of tropical cyclones formation. Besides tropical meteorology, other areas of interest include storm surge and risk management, modeling of weather impacts and coastal policy. Nelsie’s early career experiences include working as an intern in NOAA AOML/HRD, NOAA NWS, US Bureau of Census, and USGS.

Career Goals: To continue working in the field of tropical meteorology, especially in the hurricanes arena through research, forecasting or policy. She would also like to establish collaboration with universities, NGOs, private industries, and government to serve as a bridge of knowledge and a networking agent for future generations, obtain a certification in international studies to acquire an in-depth and broad analysis of issues of concern to people all over the globe to help finding solutions to them.

Activities: Currently, she is alumni of HACU and the AMS Summer Policy Colloquium group. In addition, she holds memberships with AGU, AMS, AMS DC chapter, SACNAS, ESWN, and serves as the Public Relations Officer in the Graduate Student Association for Atmospheric Sciences (GSAAS).