• maria.cardonamaldonado@upr.edu
  • University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez


Maria A. Cardona-Maldonado is currently a PhD student at the Bio-Optical Oceanography Laboratory in Puerto Rico under the mentorship of Dr. Roy Armstrong.  I am at present beginning my fourth year in the PhD Marine Science Program at University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus. I am interested in the relationships between bio-optical and physiological parameters of coral benthic communities.

Current Research

Remote sensing as a tool for understanding the relationships between marine ecosystems, water optical properties and light penetration. At present we are working with the validation of remote sensing algorithms that combine both light and temperature stress through Excess Excitation Energy (EEE) for the prediction of coral bleaching.
Expected graduation date – May 2017.


October 2014
7th NOAA’s EPP Forum. “First Stage in a Collaborative Effort to Develop a Forecasting Product that Integrates Both Temperature and Light Stress.”

August 2014
“NOAA’s Weather and Climate Prediction Center. Assessment of Coral Reef Community Structure Using Water Optical Properties.”



NOAA EPP SSIO (Sept 2014) Internship as scientist at the Nautilus Explorer

NOAA EPP SSIO (Feb 2015) Internship as scientist at the Okeanos Explorer

NOAA EPP SSIO (Aug 2014) Development of Light Stress Remote Sensing Algorithm

NOAA EPP SSIO (Aug 2014) Development of Coastal Products Derived from Operational and Experimental NOAA Satellite Data