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Jo-Anne Manswell Butty, Ph.D. is the Education Lead at NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences at Howard University. Her responsibilities include implementing the education strategy and student development plan across six institutions with over 50 fellows. Dr. Manswell Butty is also responsible for evaluating and monitoring educational outcome data for all education and outreach programs including the CAREERS Weather Camp.  Dr. Manswell Butty has extensive experience in: a) program evaluation in local, national, and international settings in the areas of education, STEM, and public health; b) research including conceptualization, design, quantitative and qualitative methodologies, data analysis, technical report writing, and publications; c) professional development among students and teachers to improve student development, classroom quality, and teacher efficacy; c) university teaching both face-to-face and online in various areas such as educational psychology, human learning, and education research, and d) grants administration with the application and successful acquisition and management of multi-year federal, state, and local  grants.  Dr. Manswell Butty earned her M.Ed. in International Development Education and Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Howard University.


Current Research:

Areas of current research include student development in college and enhanced recruitment, mentoring, and retention strategies for underrepresented minorities in STEM


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Prince George’s County Council Certificate of Recognition (July 2015)