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Emily Saunders was born in St. Marks, Grenada, West Indies; and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from Howard University in May 2011 with the Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. Currently, Emily is a doctoral student at Howard University studying atmospheric chemistry. Her dissertation research topics include the effect of climate change on ozone air pollution and its human health effects. Emily is also working as a graduate research associate for Dr. William Stockwell at Howard University and NCAS. Ms. Saunders is a determined and focused individual who does what is asked of her, to make sure she accomplishes her tasks.

Current Research

Emily’s research interests include the effect of climate change on ozone and particulate air pollution; the effect of changes in climate change on global atmospheric oxidizing capacity (i.e. HO and O3); and the human health effects that are caused from air pollutants/particulate matter in the atmosphere, and contributing to mechanism formation, implemented into current /popular air quality models.


7th Annual NOAA EPP (Educational Partnership Program) Biennial Forum,
Poster presentation on “The Effect of Climate Change on Ozone Air Pollution”, October 2014

Stockwell W.R., Lawson C.V., Saunders E., Goliff W.S. A Review of Tropospheric Atmospheric Chemistry and Gas-Phase Chemical Mechanisms for Air Quality Modeling. Atmosphere. 2012; 3(1): 1-32.

Fujita, E.M., Campbell, D.E., Stockwell W.R., Saunders, E. Fitzgerald R., Perea, R. Projected Ozone Trends and Changes in the Ozone-Precursor Relationship in the South Coast Air Basin in Response to Varying Reductions of Precursor Emissions, Air and Waste Management Association, to be Submitted, June, 2015.