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Ebony Roper received her B.S. in Chemistry from Lincoln University of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and Ph.D. from Howard University in Analytical Chemistry. In her thesis work she developed macrocyclic chemical sensors for heavy metal recognition using a combination of separation chemistry and fluorgenic and other spectrophotometric detection methods. After graduation she was invited back to Lincoln as an Assistant Professor teaching Analytical Chemistry and developing research in the area of Environmental Chemistry. Dr. Roper also collaborated with researchers from Duquesne University to develop a safe and sustainable method for storing and generating Hydrogen gas as a fuel alternative via hydrolysis of ammonia borane.

Dr. Roper began working on the AEROSE campaigns in 2009 monitoring trace gases that interact with mineral dust in transit across the tropical North trans-Atlantic Ocean. Current focus investigates the oxidizing capacity of the atmosphere by using shipboard experiments designed to examine the heterogeneous chemistry occurring between Saharan dust and marine boundary layer ozone, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, and volatile organic compounds.