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  • Howard University


Daniel Yeager is currently pursuing the doctoral degree in Atmospheric Sciences, under the advisement of Dr. Vernon Morris. In 2012, he earned the Bachelor of Science degree in Marine and Environmental Sciences from Hampton University. At Hampton University, he studied the effects of hypoxia on marine ecosystems, and conducted public outreach activities on environmental cleanup efforts.

Current Research

Currently, Daniel is investigating the impacts of Saharan dust plumes on cloud microphysics. The AEROSE (AERosols and Ocean Science Expeditions) cruise provided a unique opportunity to collect and analyze in-situ data of numerous dust samples as it transected the Atlantic while intercepting African-borne dust air masses. His research objective will be to investigate how variations in Saharan dust composition influence the size of ice particles within clouds. In general his research interests are in aerosols, cloud microphysics, tropical meteorology, and air-sea interactions.


Yeager, D, and Morris, V. (2014). Saharan Dust Particulate Characterization and Source Region Verification. NOAA-EPP (Educational Partnership Program) 7th Biennial Educational and Science Forum.

Yeager, D. (2012). The Effects of Hypoxia on Vertical Distribution of Chesapeake Bay Acartia tonsa. 2012 ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting.


Student Presentation Competition 3rd Prize for a Poster Presentation by a Graduate Student at NOAA-EPP(Educational Partnership Program) 7th Biennial Educational and Science Forum.