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  • Howard University

Education: Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts, Bachelor’s degree in Geology with a minor in East Asian Studies. Graduated in 2014 with a PhD from Howard University.

Research: Participated in Research and Discover internship with the University of New Hampshire. Under the guidance of Dr. Mark Fahnstock, she studied katabatic winds on the East Arctic Plateau using MODIS data. she spent a summer with the Research and Discover program, interning with Dave Whiteman of the NASA Goddard. As an R&D intern she participated in the 2006 WAVES campaign, launching radio and ozone sondes at the Howard University Beltsville Research Campus. participated in a number of field campaigns, including two AEROSE cruises (2007, 2008), where she studied tropospheric ozone over the tropical Atlantic, and two additional WAVES campaigns (Summer 2007, Winter 2008). She has also been involved in the Graduate Student Association for Atmospheric Science (GSAAS), serving as the Association’s secretary.

Career Goals: Plans to study the effect of urbanization on local weather and climate. One day, she hopes to be able to combine her Atmospheric and Geologic training to better understand the Earth as a whole system. Other interests include, walking, fencing, kickboxing, or indulging in her other passion: Science Fiction. She served as the President of the Smith Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, and published art and short stories in the Phoenix, the club’s literary magazine. She is currently working on her first novel, though whether it is published before or after her dissertation remains to be seen.