NCAS recently returned from a successful Seventh Biennial Education and Science Forum, at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore (UMES). The Forum was held at the NOAA Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center (LMRCSC) at UMES, October 26 through 29, 2014.

All six (6) NCAS academic partners participated at the Forum:
Howard University (HU), Jackson State University (JSU), State University of New York, Albany (SUNYA), University of Maryland, College Park (UMDCP), University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez (UPRM), and the University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP).

This year’s theme “Developing a Premier Future STEM Workforce to Support Environmental Sustainability” undergirded all of the activities, workshops, technical sessions, and professional development opportunities for students participating from all four (4) NOAA Cooperative Science Centers in the nation.

Of the estimated 400 participants in attendance at the EPP Forum, NCAS students, faculty and staff presented several oral and poster presentations.

Please join us in congratulating the following NCAS Fellows on winning the First, Second, and Third place Awards for their Oral and Poster Presentations:

1. Mr. Mosissa Fayissa (HU), Second Place
Title: “Cu(II) Complex as a Sensor for Nitric Oxide (NO) using Fluorescence Spectroscopy” – Poster
Category: Climate Adaptation and Mitigation – Graduate Student

2. Ms. Rosette Gonzales (UTEP), Third Place – Honorable Mention
Title:  “Valley Fever Studies in the Paso del Norte Region” – Poster
Category:  Climate Adaptation and Mitigation – Graduate Student

3. Ms. Valerie Keene (HU), Second Place
Title:  “Examining the Chemical and Biological Characteristics of Aerosols” – Oral
Category:  Climate Adaptation and Mitigation – Undergraduate Student

4. Ms. Denna Kowelek-Geppi (HU), Second Place
Title: “Hurricane Sandy: An Analysis of Instagram Photos Using the CAUSE Model to Determine Risk Communication Practices” – Poster
Category: Weather-Ready Nation – Graduate Student

5. Mr. Dominique Marshall (JSU), First Place
Title:  “Ground Penetrating Radar Survey of Edenton Green for Early Structural Remains” – Oral
Category:  Resilient Coastal Communities & Economies – Undergraduate Student

6. Ms. Fernanda Ramos-Garcés (UPRM), First Place
Title:  ” Identifying Soufrière Hills Volcanic Ash Particles and Saharan Dust using Aerosol Robotic Network (AERONET) Sun Photometer, Satellite Imagery and Trajectory Models” – Poster
Category:  Weather-Ready Nation – Undergraduate Student

7. Mr. Jose Rivas (UTEP), Second Place
Title:  “Dust Deposition and Biota Dispersal by Wind Storms in the Chihuahuan Desert”– Oral
Category:  Weather-Ready Nation – Graduate Student

8. Mr. Daniel Yeager (HU), Third Place –  Honorable Mention
Title:  “Saharan Dust Particulate Characterization and Source Region Verification”
Category:  Weather-Ready Nation – Graduate Student