PhD/MS – University of Texas, El Paso

Brief Description:

The University of Texas at El Paso presents both an extraordinary setting and excellent capabilities for the multi-disciplinary doctoral program in Environmental Science and Engineering. Located on the U.S.-Mexico border and one of the most environmentally-impacted areas of North America, UTEP has established itself as a center of environmental research and development activity, with support from the EPA, the NSF, the Department of Energy, private foundations, and state agencies. With support and coordination from the Center for Environmental Resource Management (CERM), faculty and students from several departments conduct research often in collaboration with local agencies and national laboratories. With the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the establishment of a new EPA regional office in El Paso and of the joint U.S. and Mexico Border Environmental Cooperation Commission (BECC) in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, and UTEP’s already established base of collaborations with Mexico on environmental problems, UTEP and El Paso have become an internationally recognized source of cutting-edge research, technology, and education. The newly established Center for Inland Desalination Systems also works closely with this program.

Program Information