CAMSIE is a Cooperative Science Center comprised of 13 institutions of higher education (partners and affiliates):

Partners: Howard University (lead), Jackson State University, Pennsylvania State University, State University of New York, Albany; University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez; University of Texas, El Paso; University of Maryland Baltimore County; and University of Maryland, San Jose State University.

Affiliates: Fort Valley State University, San Diego State University, Tuskegee University, and Universidad Metropolitana.

The CAMSIE partnership is a unique balance of minority-serving and majority-serving institutions located along the eastern seaboard, the southwest, the Gulf coast, and the United States (US) Caribbean.

The cooperative agreement and related activities under CAMSIE are aimed at producing a diverse group of highly-trained professionals for NOAA and the broader atmospheric and environmental sciences workforce.

CAMSIE’s mission is to increase the number of workforce-ready graduates from underrepresented communities in NOAA-related sciences, with particular emphasis on scientific, technological, and societal challenges associated with atmospheric sciences and meteorology.

CAMSIE’s aim is for EPP-funded graduates to enter NOAA mission workforce as hires by NOAA, NOAA contractors, NOAA partners, or resource management agencies, academia, or as entrepreneurs.

CAMSIE’s overall goal is to conduct education and research that directly supports NOAA’s mission to recruit, train, and graduate students particularly from underrepresented communities for the agency mission workforce.

CAMSIE is funded by NOAA/EPP Cooperative Agreement #NA16SEC4810006.

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